Any office, irrespective of its size, can get messy quite quickly in the absence of regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Modern-day offices have a huge variety of items that can create a cluttered appearance. Besides the regular stuff such as papers and stationery, they often have plastic wrappers, beverage spills, leftover food and more. And over time, these can ultimately lead to more serious problems. 

According to a study, a typical office desk has over ten million bacteria- much more than that on a toilet seat, which can definitely lead to a host of diseases. This is why timely and proper cleaning is essential. 

Since rubbish tends to accumulate over time, you may not know the right time to remove it. But we have got your back, so dive in to find out!

The Best Time To Remove Rubbish From Your Office

Whether you own an office or work in one, knowing when to get it cleaned can be pretty challenging. Here are some of the best times to remove rubbish from the office.

1. After Eating

In case you prefer eating in the office itself during lunchtime, your workspace is naturally going to get messy. That is why it is better to have food in the pantry before returning to the desk. Having food in the office can lead to the accumulation of leftover food, plate scraps, empty wrappers, plastic water bottles and similar stuff.

Besides creating unpleasant odours, these items can attract pests like flies and ants and lead to the spread of germs. Wait until everyone has finished eating, then use water and detergent to wipe the tables for removing food scraps and subsequently, the odour. 

2. After Work

The best time to clean your office is generally after completing the day’s work when the employees have left the premises. Since you are not burdened with office work at this time, it makes it easy to focus on the task at hand. It will also ensure that the place will be completely garbage-free when you arrive for work the next day. 

However, closing rubbish removal should not be a tedious and complicated affair that requires much effort or time. After spending the entire day working, your body will be completely drained, which is why it is best to avoid deep cleaning during closing. Focus on removing things that do not require much energy and can be removed quickly.

One of the ways to do this is by emptying the trash can at the designated location and removing the rubbish collected during the course of the day.This can include papers, food scraps and beverage bottles removed from the desk or table. 

3. Before The Trash Can Gets Full

Depending on factors like the size of the office and work requirements, there may be one or more dustbins present. In case there is only a single dustbin, repurposing it is a good idea as in most cases, a single bin gets filled faster than multiple bins. Additionally, with different types of waste ending up in the same bin, the chances of foul odour emanating from it is high.  

This is because when food waste such as spillages and leftovers or liquids are disposed of in the trash, it will lead to the growth of bacteria and mould. When these start decomposing the waste, it leads to a foul odour. To prevent that, you should wash the multipurpose bin regularly or designate a separate bin for each type of rubbish.

Furthermore, emptying the trash bin before it gets full will help prevent the office from exuding an unprofessional and cluttered appearance. 

4. After Meetings

Things can get really messy when business meetings are conducted in the office instead of in the boardroom. There may be papers, packages, food crumbs, empty bottles and other stuff left behind after the meeting. But cleaning up the mess right after can help avoid problems later on, as the waste left behind won’t take long to spread to other areas. 

To clean your office after a meeting, collect various empty packages and throw them in the trash bin. Also, place all the empty beverage bottles in crates for collection by the supplier. 

Finally, sweep or mop the place to remove any food particles that might attract pests. 

Methods To Getting Rid Of Rubbish From Your Office

You might be wondering how to get rid of office rubbish, so here are some methods to try out.

1. Adopt The Paperless Route

More and more offices are adopting the paperless route by making efficient use of modern technology. Besides the obvious benefits such as being sustainable and more economical, it reduces the need for frequent cleaning. 

2. Reduce And Reuse

Reducing the number of things you need in your office and finding new uses for existing items such as files and folders is another excellent way of reducing rubbish.

3. Promote Recycling

Adopt recycling and encourage your employees to do so as well, which will help reduce environmental impact and office waste. It will also reduce the effort required to clean your office. 

Final Words

Getting rid of office rubbish in a timely manner offers several advantages for your business. Not only does it provide a professional appearance, but it also makes it easier to work and helps improve the overall efficiency. Plus, it helps ensure a hygienic working condition by preventing the spread of germs.

Regularly removing rubbish from your office will reduce the effort and time required for deep cleaning, which is why adopting an efficient office waste management plan is highly recommended. But if you are finding the situation challenging, you can always avail the services of a  professional commercial waste management service

With that, it is time to wrap up. Until next time!