Moving all your stuff while shifting can be stressful; the mountains of items that are no longer needed or used are often not worth taking to a new house.

When planning an upcoming move, most people throw unwanted belongings away. This poses two problems: negatively impacting the environment and losing a source of extra cash to compensate for some of the moving costs.

If you plan on switching houses anytime soon, here are a few tips to get rid of your unwanted items quickly and easily. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Top Tips For Selling Household Junk Before Moving | Tip It Rubbish Removal

Tips To Sell Household Items Quickly

1. Sell Online

Today there is a large marketplace for selling things online, and we are no longer limited to local classified information. This online marketplace helps in sales by bringing all your possessions directly to potential buyers in one convenient place.

One crucial factor to keep in mind while selling stuff online is the website you advertise on. Determine which platform would cater to the belongings you are trying to get sell. For example, the Facebook marketplace is a great website where buyers and sellers trade furniture and household appliances.

Another factor to consider if you want to sell stuff online is the hefty percentage charged as a cut. A service like an eBay valet can add to the moving expenses, so the item’s final selling price may not be worth it for those on a tight budget.

However, in terms of convenience, selling items online is one of the best ideas to consider. To cut out the middle man, you can also sell your stuff on local sites where shipping charges are low.

2. Garage Sale

Traditional garage sales are a more stress-free and casual way to sell things. This method saves shipping costs as the buyers pick up the items directly from your house, and there’s no need for packing.

Usually, these garage sales are only attended by friends and relatives unless you live in a specific neighborhood. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of a garage sale. Additionally, if you are moving abroad, you may not have the time to wait for buyers to come to your yard sale.

3. Take Quality Photos

Sales experts suggest having a clear headline and pictures to draw in potential online buyers. Include all the relevant information, especially on valuable items or things you have a strong attachment to. In order to sell easily, these simple steps can help you save time in coming to an agreement.

Getting rid of stuff before moving does not always have to include the newest items. Many household things simply need a quick clean or simple maintenance to get in working condition. As these imperfections show up in the pictures, it is a good idea to give the belongings a once-over before posting.

4. Trade-In Programs

Several chain stores offer trade-in programs for store credit, which is a great way to get rid of stuff before moving.

While household items may not always be a viable option for trade-ins, other items like sporting goods are a popular target that stores look for. Getting a few belongings out of your hair is worth it, considering you can go back to the store at any time to spend your store credit on a brand new item.

5. Pricing

Of course, the most crucial factor in selling your stuff is determining its worth. Whether it is a garage sale or online, you are the one who sets the terms. Used and older household items will obviously not sell at their retail price, but going too low isn’t a viable option either.

Taking your items to sell groups or doing quick research can help you set fair prices. As a seller, you want to aim to make the most money while giving the buyer a reasonable price at the same time.

6. Professional Rubbish Removal

When moving house, it is not always possible to sit down and organize a garage sale or take pictures for online stores. This is where removal companies step in to take the burden off your back, letting you focus on more important issues. To help you save energy and time, Tip It Rubbish Removal can come to turn a fully furnished house into an empty one, ready for the next occupants.

An advantage that professional rubbish removal has over the typical “sell your stuff” route, is the ability to eliminate excess items that may not sell well. You won’t have to worry about having to hassle on a Facebook marketplace page or deal with selling experts; the rubbish removal company will get everything out of your hair. This is incredibly important if you need to quickly get rid of stuff before you move.

Additionally, for those on a limited budget, many companies offer a free quote for their services. While you may not get any cash out of the process, it is still a quick and easy way out of the sales process.

Rubbish removal services in the Sydney area deal with various waste items; from gardening to furniture and packing supplies, they get the job done quickly and efficiently. Their team of professional packers and experienced staff remove the stress and hassle of selling old household junk. Some even provide same-day performance and have decade-long experience under their belt.

Wrapping Up

With that, we will conclude our guide on having a successful moving sale. Selling your old stuff can help you have a fresh start in a new house.

These tips and tricks can increase your chances of selling but are not always guaranteed to work. As such, leaving it to individual groups of professional rubbish removal companies is always a reliable fallback plan.

Till next time, take care and stay safe!