Recycling Old Lawn Mowers

Tired of your old lawn mower hogging up all the space in your garage?

Well, it’s about time to get rid of it, but how? Considering the increased waste production in today’s time, recycling is the best way forward. If you want pointers on this, refer to our guide because we have a list of things you should know about recycling old lawn mowers.
Dive in for details!

Benefits Of Recycling An Old Lawnmower

It is the need of the hour to reduce the waste we generate every day, which may seem like a huge task. But with small steps, we can get closer to the goal and the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) play a key role in that.
Recycling your old lawn mower, for that matter, can be more impactful than you think. Here are a few benefits of recycling old tools:

  • The metal parts won’t add up to the waste in a scrapping yard
  • Several functional parts can be used in other landscaping equipment
  • Plastic parts will be upcycled into other practical things
  • Waste electrical components may be useful in a repair shop

Ways To Recycle Old Lawnmowers

Lawn mower recycling is not as difficult as it might seem, yet if you can’t get a hold of it, you can get rid of an old mower in the following ways:

1. Yard Sale

A garage sale is a good way to get rid of old electrical items, yard equipment, scrap metal and any type of old equipment. You can sell all this stuff to other people who need it instead of disposing of it. So, even if you can’t get metal recycled, you still won’t be generating any waste.

2. Recycling Centre

Most areas have recycling centres where people can drop their old lawn mowers, landscaping equipment, old gas, metal and other electrical items.

People believe that metals and plastic are the primary materials that can be recycled, but these facilities can recycle a variety of non-ferrous stuff. If in doubt regarding the recyclability of any appliance, call the local tip and confirm.

The Importance Of Recycling Centres

A lawn mower is heavy electronic equipment containing several complex parts foreign to a layperson. If you don’t have any experience with mechanical tools or gardening equipment, you won’t be able to judge which part can be recycled or disposed of. That’s when recycling plants enter the picture.

Those who can’t differentiate non-metal parts from metal and plastic parts can leave the job to trained professionals. Recycling centres employ expert individuals who have years of experience in the field and can differentiate scrap metals from other junk.

They will open your old lawn mower after removing the engine oil from its fuel tank and look for recyclable materials. Since these people are junk removal pros, they’ll take the recyclable parts and suggest proper disposal options for the non-recyclable waste. Then, you can either hire a junk removal service or dispose of it yourself.

Removal Services To The Rescue

Recycling plants often don’t have logistics services, and carrying broken lawn mowers in your car or truck isn’t safe. So, what’s the best way out? It’s hiring a removal service – a commercial enterprise that transports stuff from one location to another.

One cannot overlook how dangerous this task could be, both to the worker and the environment, if not carried out properly. Not all operational workers are skilled enough to do the job without any hiccups; therefore, it’s important to hire a company that has long-standing experience in the industry.

Apart from efficiently transporting old lawn mowers to a recycling centre, junk removal services can move anything you want, no matter how big or heavy.

1. Safe

First off, old lawn mowers are covered with rust and have loosely assembled parts falling all over the place. The slightest cut can give you a tetanus infection and make you sick. On top of that, they are heavy and carrying them can give you backache.

Even if you manage to put broken lawn mowers in the car, driving to local recycling facilities isn’t safe with such equipment. But a junk removal service has the manpower to easily load the mower into their truck and transport it safely, without posing any risk to other vehicles on the road.

2. Time-Efficient

Lawn mower disposal can be a time-consuming task if done on your own, as clearing junk takes more effort than you think. But professionals know exactly how things should be carried out and the job will be done in a jiffy.

3. Environment-Friendly

Rubbish removal services are environmentally friendly because they ensure that lawn mower disposal is carried out in the right way. All recyclable materials are sent to the local recycling facilities, while scrap metal is sent to a scrap yard or sold to scrap metal buyers.

In fact, they dispose of all the fluids, including oil residues and gasoline from old lawn mowers, safely and responsibly, so no problem if you forgot to clean yours. And their eco-friendly services have actually created a positive environmental impact.

4. Budget-Friendly

Lastly, rubbish removal services are cost-effective and can easily fit your budget. Several good companies offer 24 x 7 support and same-day removal at lower prices.

Some Tips To Be Eco-Friendly While Getting Rid Of Old Lawn Mowers

1. Don’t Resort To Landfill Dumping

Dumping lawn mowers into a landfill implies they won’t degrade until hundred of years. Processes like steel degradation and aluminum breakage take a lot of time; that’s why it’s best to call a local tip and get the mower recycled.

2. Responsibly Dispose Of Gasoline

Note that it is important to get rid of or recycle the old gas or oil present in your lawn mower. Refrain from sending the mower to a recycling plant without removing the gas from the fuel tank and engine.

3. Switch To Electric Mowers

Finally, old lawn mowers that function on gasoline aren’t that practical and eco-friendly. Hence, it would be best if you considered switching to electric mowers.

Final Words

That’s all we had to tell you about recycling old lawn mowers. Now you know that recycling is not a huge task and can easily be done with the help of scrap removal services. On that note, we’ll wrap up for the day