There’s a reason why disposing of your rubbish or junk is called a “chore.” Well, that doesn’t come as a surprise! After all, getting rid of your property’s or business’ waste can be tiresome, and in many cases, not a one-person job.

Of course, some rubbish is easy to handle. You can easily get rid of the plastic bags piled up from your last grocery shopping, the netting from your fruits and vegetables, or the foam and cardboard box that your online-ordered runners came in.

However, some waste can be a hassle to dispose of; we’re talking about commercial rubbish, e-waste, garden waste, and large unwanted items like furniture, spas, and trees. Even small junk items can add up and make an unpleasant and unhygienic view if you fail to add “rubbish removal” to your daily to-do list.

We, at Tip It Rubbish Removal, can take this weight off your shoulder. Backed with 12 years of experience, our rubbish removal team takes care of all types of rubbish in Sydney, so whatever the job you have in mind, we can help!

Why Do You Need to Hire a Rubbish Removal Company?

Because not all types of rubbish are manageable! Instead of hauling a load of rubbish and risking injury to yourself or to someone standing nearby or damaging your place, you need experts to handle the situation. Cuts, broken bones, and bruises are just the tip of the iceberg of what could happen.

Moreover, a rubbish removal company won’t only get rid of all the waste lying around your place but will also help you sort your belongings, keep what’s important safe, pick the unwanted items, and then dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

Besides, there is always the question of where to take the junk. Small items are easy to discard, but e-waste, untreated hazardous rubbish, and large items like furniture and spas may pose a problem. Let alone the fact that such waste isn’t permitted to be in landfills in Sydney, New South Wales.

A waste collection service will know how to deal with every single item, recycle what can be recycled, and deliver other rubbish to an appropriate and legal disposal site in Sydney.

As you can see, using a rubbish collection service has a lot of perks. However, a common misconception that’s holding people from hiring one is the cost of these services. Why would you waste money on paying someone to remove the junk you no longer use?

That’s a valid question if you’re hiring an expensive one or calling a skip bin hire. Yet, cheap rubbish removal is possible, and that’s what we do at Tip It Rubbish Removal. We get the job done with the lowest costs possible. Our removal experts are trained to deal with all sorts of junk, avoiding any health hazards and sparing you and your family from the risk of getting injured.

Our goal at Tip It Rubbish Removal is to keep Sydney free from unnecessary junkyards. Rubbish may accumulate over time in front of your home or business. You may not have the time to haul it away, but we have all the time in the world; that’s our job, after all!

Mobile Skip Bins – Tip It Rubbish Removal Sydney

Now that you know how hiring a junk removal company can help you pick up unwanted items and junk from your Sydney home or business, let’s talk about the services that Tip It Rubbish Removal can grant you, the first of which is the mobile skip bins.

Gone are the days when you had to take a long walk to carry your rubbish to the traditional skip bin miles away from your home or have a large trash bin taking up a lot of your property’s space. With Tip It mobile skip bins, you’re guaranteed maximum convenience at competitive prices, so let’s see how.

How It Works

Whether you’re a home or business owner in Sydney and want a flexible solution for your rubbish collection, you can call us, and our team will deliver a mobile skip to the site on the same day.

If you’re not sure what you can put in the bins, let us tell you that our skip bins can take all kinds of rubbish from home junk removal, clean-ups after events, and office trash. The list includes everything from garden rubbish like branches, trimmings, and grass clippings to apartment complex waste like plastic, papers, metal cut-offs, e-waste, and cartons.

After filling the bin, you can give us a call, and we’ll come and load your rubbish into our trucks. After that, you can decide whether you still need the bin for another job or want us to take it away.

Why Choose Tip It Mobile Skip Bins

The process can’t be easier, right? Well, if you’re still wondering why our skip bin service is the best, we can give you a few reasons.

Clean Disposal

We create waste at an unbelievable pace, especially if there’s an event like a wedding, concert, funeral, or even a social gathering. By using Tip It mobile skips, you’re saving your area from resembling a junkyard after a couple of hours.

Also, you don’t want to waste your precious time hauling junk to the curb or dragging it to the garbage dump while having such events at hand. Our bins provide a clean disposal method right at the site so that you can direct all your focus on other urgent matters without distraction.

You can rest assured that your waste is being disposed of in a clean, hygienic, and environmentally friendly way. Just throw whatever you want in the bins and leave the tough job for our team of professionals to deal with.

Versatile Bins

The thing about traditional bins is that they tend to come in one size, posing a problem when wheeled in narrow passageways or smaller places. Our rubbish bins, on the other hand, come in various sizes catering to those who want to use them in their confined properties or large yards and event centres.

Imagine having a compact rubbish bin that you can wheel to where your house junk is piled instead of hauling the rubbish itself to the bin. On the other side of the spectrum, think about how beneficial it is to have a large bin that can take care of all the things you will want to throw out in bigger endeavours like refurbishing your house or decluttering after an event.

Lockable Lids

Although a trash bin collects trash, it needs to be kept in a clean and sanitary condition, or else it’ll turn into a source of foul smells and a breeding ground for bacteria, insects, and vermin.

Our bins are provided with lockable lids to keep out strays, avoid removal or spillage of contents, prevent odour escape and keep unauthorised users from sharing your bin.

No Permit Required

Remember when we told you we offer our mobile skip bin service at an affordable price? Well, not only that, but we also spare you the additional council permits, which you can pay at least an extra $75 for.

Not to mention, you’ll be saving the time the local council takes to approve this type of permits. At Tip It, we don’t overdraw when we say we’re a same-day rubbish removal service. Just give us a call and see how fast we are!

Other Tip It Rubbish Removal Services

Tip It is a rubbish removal company that specialises in all types of junk in Sydney, be it commercial or residential. From disposing of an old washing machine and hauling garden waste to handling house demolitions and office strip outs, our junk removal team boast decades of experience in a wide scale of rubbish removal jobs.

Waste collection through skip bins is a part of our service, but we’re not limited to that. If you’re looking to get a better idea about how we can help you, continue reading to know what kinds of rubbish we take away.

Commercial Rubbish Removal in Sydney

In Sydney, commercial properties are under the obligation to manage their waste and rubbish, but thanks to technological advancements, we create junk at a pace that’s hard to keep up with.

Commercial rubbish can turn quickly from just an unsightly view to being a cause of health hazards. That’s when rubbish removal services like ours come into play. Since commercial rubbish removal is an urgent matter, we’ll dispatch a rubbish removal team to the site in question within the same day as soon as you call us.

Our removal experts will carry the rubbish and junk away whether it’s from a school, store, pub, restaurant, care home or office. Waste that we clear include office strip-outs and trash, electric items, commercial furniture, and many more.

We can even take care of hazardous materials like sharps, medical waste, paint cans and anything you want to throw away; you point, and we load your rubbish into our trucks.

Office Rubbish Removal and Strip outs

The overall look and cleanliness of your office play a huge role in the success of your business. A crowded and unorganised view can lower the mood of your workspace and cause your employees to be less productive.

Not to mention, the overloaded drawers, the unused furniture and the old equipment that’s left to collect dust won’t leave the best impression with your guests and customers.

These things may be a hassle for you to take away, but waste removal is a piece of cake for us! Our experienced team has cleaned out many offices in Sydney to the point that we lost count of how many.

Whether you’re moving offices, changing the decoration, or removing the unused items that your office has hoarded over the years, we can get the job done in no time. You won’t even have to lift a finger.

Residential Rubbish Removal in Sydney

If you require a cheap rubbish removal service in Sydney with a track record of efficiency, affordability, and providing excellent customer service, Tip It Rubbish Removal is here to help.

We’re fully aware that in a time-poor society, it’s easy to compile junk in your property and lose a valuable space from your home, garage and garden to unusable items. Whichever residential rubbish you have, our professional rubbish removal team can handle it, so let’s take a look at some of the services we can do for you.

Household Rubbish Removal

A single Australian person is expected to produce an average of 0.75 kilograms of household rubbish on a daily basis. That means a family of four people collects at least 3 kilograms of junk daily. If that means anything, it’s that you can drown in our household rubbish if you’re not careful.

As you may already know, we pick up all types of waste from your Sydney home, so you can seek our collection service any time you’ve piled a few unused items and want to get it out of your way. But that’s not the only way we can help.

In case you’re moving to a new house or demolishing your old one, our rubbish collection team can pick up all your household waste.

House Demolition can be a source of endless grim, dust, debris, asbestos, scrap, and broken concrete. Not even a demolition company will help you get rid of these waste materials, which can cause health problems to you and your family, especially those who suffer from asthma.

By hiring a cheap rubbish removal service to handle the demolition, you’re killing two birds with one stone; you’ll get the demolition job done, and the service will clean up the place, leaving you to focus on your new home and construction projects instead of cleaning tasks.

Garden Waste Removal

Gardening is fun, but the amount of junk and rubbish produced in the process can take away from your pleasure. Having garden rubbish stacked in your backyard isn’t only a waste of space that you can use to plant other plants and trees. In fact, it’s a ticking time bomb that’s waiting to get off any time.

Garden rubbish like branches, leaves, pulled grass and trees that you’ve cut down is classified as hazardous waste. That’s because these items decompose when left unattended, emitting methane, which is a toxic gas. When humans are exposed to high concentrations of methane, they can get suffocated gradually without even noticing as it displaces oxygen in the lungs.

That’s aside from the fact that it’s a highly combustible gas, so it can cause a fire to happen and get out of control quickly.

All this can be prevented by hiring an experienced rubbish removal team to handle such junk. At Tip It Rubbish Removal, we’re placing our labour and expertise at your disposal with our same-day service. Just call our friendly rubbish removal team any time, and we’ll pick up your garden rubbish and dispose of it the right way.

Furniture Removal

There are many ways you can get rid of your old furniture in Sydney. You can give it to a friend who can make use of it, donate it, or dump it in a landfill. Yet, in all cases, you’ll have to break it down, lift it yourself to a vehicle and rent a truck that can haul it if you don’t have one.

Some might think that doing this by themselves is cheaper than hiring a rubbish removal service. However, when it comes to hauling heavy items, leaving them to professionals is the wisest decision.

Furniture is bulky and hard to maneuver. One wrong move while lifting a big sofa or a heavy bed can cause you a serious injury, especially if there’s a staircase in the way.

Luckily, there’s a safer and more convenient way to do it. We provide the best rubbish removal Sydney-wide and among the things we pick up is furniture.

Spa Removal

Of course, you didn’t expect your spa to live for decades looking as new as the day you bought it! An outdated spa or jacuzzi can be an eyesore in the backyard of your house, and removing it isn’t what one would call an easy job.

The average weight of a 2 to 3-person spa is 600 pounds, while larger 5 to 6-person tubs can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds when empty. You can’t expect to pick up such heavy items without risking an injury. Not to mention, it takes experts to get the job done without breaking down your deck.

Maybe you’re taking into account the money you need to save to buy a new hot tub. In that case, you don’t have to worry; our cheap rubbish removal service is one phone call away and with prices that don’t break the bank.

Garage Rubbish Removal

We all have a habit of using our garage as a storage space, then the once precious items turn into long-forgotten junk, and the garage ends as our waste disposal place. Well, we can’t blame you! It’s tempting to get rid of rubbish the easy way, but in the long term, the junk will pile up and be a source of dust, germs, and diseases.

Why waste that much space when you can call us, get all the unwanted stuff removed from your garage, and enjoy the extra space to store your supplies, equipment, gardening tools, and, well, your car!

Scrap Metal Removal

If you look around you, you’ll find tons of scrap metal that you don’t know what to do with. Scrap metal includes the aluminium in your food cans, the brass and copper in your electronics and wires, the tin and iron in tools and cars and many more. When these items are left in landfills, they degrade over hundreds of years, taking up space and only causing pollution.

The right way to dispose of scrap metal is to recycle it and use it as raw materials in other industries. Fortunately, most people in Sydney are fully aware of this, so where does the problem come from? To dispose of scrap metal, you’ll have to haul it to a neighbourhood scrap yard where they recycle these items.

If it’s an object or two, that won’t be an issue. However, your lazy habits can kick in and prevent you from throwing metal away before they add up, resulting in a load of junk that you can only stand helpless in front of.

By hiring our service, you can sit back and relax while we collect your metal, recycle what can be recycled, and dispose of the rest in a responsible way.

Why Choose Us

If our myriad of rubbish removal services hasn’t given you enough reasons to hire our junk removal team, here’s why you should take the step.

Unbeatable Prices

Who wants to fork out a big amount of cash just to have the rubbish lying around the house removed? Well, we pride ourselves on offering some of the cheapest rubbish removal services in Sydney, New South Wales. With a quick search, you’ll find that our prices are unbeatable in the rubbish removal industry.

Additionally, you’ll be getting the best bang for your buck. Think about the money you’ll save if you don’t have to rent a truck, pay for gas, and buy extra tools that you probably have no idea how to use.

Our professional rubbish removal team arrives at the site fully equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to get the job done. On top of that, we have our truck and driver service that carries out the junk transportation chores. In short, you’ll be buying your peace of mind and saving money in the big picture.

Free Quote

If you’re worried about whether we’re really affordable, don’t worry. You won’t commit to anything before you know how much you’re going to pay from the start to the end. We offer a free rubbish removal consultation where one of our friendly team will visit the site and give you a fully structured quote before we start any work.

Our all-inclusive prices cover the team, truck, equipment and disposal – no hidden charges or haggling over price!

Accessible Everywhere in Sydney

Part of the reason you’re looking for a rubbish removal service in Sydney is accessibility, and that’s what we offer. Wherever you’re in Sydney, rest assured that we’re a few miles away. Our service covers everywhere from the Sydney CBD to Northern Beaches, Eastern and Western Suburbs, to the Sutherland Shire, and everywhere in the middle.

Same-Day Rubbish Removal

We won’t only save your money, but your time too! We understand that some clean-up jobs can’t be delayed and whether you’re in a hurry or not, we let you decide on the time you want our service in your place.

Our customer service is available 24/7. You can call us at any time of the day, and one of our team will speak to you and schedule the service in the time that’s most convenient to you.

We, at Tip It Rubbish Removal, take our same-day service rule seriously, and our customers’ wishes are our commands, so even if you need our team at your site before the end of the day, you get what you want – no delays or excuses.

Experienced Team

We don’t just hire anyone! We invest in training our team and upgrading our employee’s skills to be able to handle various types of rubbish. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, our experienced team has seen it all! No matter the situation, we have the tools, resources, and experience to aid us on our mission.

Besides, we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers so you can come to us with any problem, question, or concern you might have. And if you care about your house’s privacy, rest assured that our friendly team respects the dignity and privacy of your home or business.

Recycling Service

As we said before, we’re not just a rubbish removal company; we care about Sydney’s environment and actively work to reduce climate changes. Because disposing of rubbish in the wrong way only contributes to more pollution, we make sure to get rid of junk in an environmentally friendly way.

What’s more, we hold a valid licence to recycle junk materials like cardboard, paper, plastics, metal, and biodegradable waste. So if you care about the environment of your beloved Sydney, rest assured you’re making the right choice by choosing Tip It Rubbish Removal.

The Best in Sydney!

Now that you know everything we have to offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We praise ourselves as the fastest same-day rubbish removal service in Sydney, so you’re guaranteed an affordable, highly efficient pickup service in no time.

There are many ways you can reach our removal service; you can call us at (02) 8999 5060 or fill our online form, and we’ll reach back for you. If you prefer emails, you can send us at

Whichever way you choose, we respond as soon as you call, and by the end of the day, your house, office, or property will be free of junk! Also, if you’re worried about the costs, remember that you can get a free quote at any time. So, do you really need to think twice?



In Sydney, you can take rubbish to local bins if it’s your small everyday junk, drop your large items in a landfill, or hire a junk removal company like Tip It to take care of both small and large jobs.

You can donate them to charity if they’re in good shape, sell them online, or leave them to us to dispose of securely and responsibly without causing a hindrance in the natural environment.

That depends on the amount, size, and location of junk you want to load and throw away. The more work the rubbish needs to be removed, the more it’ll cost and vice versa. We at Tip It consider ourselves a cheap rubbish removal company. Our prices start from $189 for smaller jobs. The cost of medium rubbish removal jobs starts at $349, while larger ones start at $649.

Actually, that’s what we promise to do! You’re guaranteed our same-day rubbish removal service once you call us and provide us with your location and details.



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Suburbs We Serve

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