Office waste is the enemy of all businesses that keeps getting stronger slowly and steadily before you’re even aware of it. It will cost you time, money, and effort to remove it, and there will be a lot of trial and error along the way. Don’t forget how risky it is to remove heavy and hazardous objects.

So, we highly recommend that you hire the best commercial waste removal service that you can find to get the job done efficiently and at an affordable price.

Tip It Rubbish Removal will provide you with the best same-day rubbish removal solutions. If you’re interested in knowing how we can do that, continue reading.

Benefits of Hiring Office Rubbish Removal Services

While it can be tempting to roll up your sleeves and jump straight into removing your own office or commercial waste, there are many benefits to hiring experts for office and commercial rubbish removal.

If you’re interested in knowing why it’s better to hire a waste removal business, continue reading.

1. Productivity

It comes as no surprise that a cluttered and dirty working space leads to a significant decrease in productivity in the workplace. There are more things to distract and no enough laser-sharp focus.

The most effective solution to such a problem would be to hire a rubbish removal business to clear your space, helping your employees and yourself become more productive.

2. Brand Image

Imagine going to a commercial store or office and finding office junk everywhere. Would you do business with them? Chances are that you won’t. Clients and customers always judge a business by its cover. So, your office needs to look clean and organised to make good impressions on all visitors.

One of the most important steps in running an office is making sure it looks the best possible at all times. Letting the office rubbish pile up as time goes by until you find the time to get rid of it won’t help you achieve that.

So, if you want to turn your office upside down in the best way possible, call a rubbish removal company.

3. Time-Saving

Time is money when you’re running an office. You probably don’t want to do anything that would waste your and your employees’ time. So, hire professionals for rubbish removal in Sydney because they know how to organise everything, load your rubbish into trucks, and dispose of it all in no time.

However, since you’re not a trained commercial waste removal professional, the process will be time-consuming and less efficient if you do it yourself.

4. Money-Saving

One of the reasons you’ll want to remove the commercial waste yourself is the belief that you’ll be saving your business money.

However, you wouldn’t know how much this process would cost until you’re done. Whether it’s going back and forth between two locations or covering for any accidents that happen with large objects, it’s not easy for the average person to predict the prices.

On the other hand, if you hire the right junk removal company, they’ll inform you of how much you’ll pay beforehand and will take care of everything. So, there are no nasty surprises.

Why You Should Hire Tip It Rubbish Removal

Tip It Rubbish removal isn’t the only rubbish removal company in Sydney, but it’s the best. Read more to find out why.


Tip It Rubbish Removal is a Sydney waste management company that works tirelessly to help all businesses in all manners of office and commercial rubbish removal.

We pride ourselves on years of providing quality service that helps our experienced team be more and more efficient and pay attention to details that you wouldn’t even notice.

Our experience as removal experts helps us organise your office junk, load it in our trucks, and dispose of it responsibly and safely while you’re running your business unbothered.


If you’re wondering whether we’re close enough to your Sydney offices to be able to provide you with same-day rubbish removal, don’t fret.

We provide our rubbish collection services to all of Sydney from the CBD to Northern Beaches, Eastern and Western Suburbs, to the Sutherland Shire, and wherever you are in the middle. So, call us for all sorts of rubbish removal in Sydney, NSW.


Before you load your rubbish in a skip bin, consider whether you can do this safely or not. Furniture, machinery, and equipment aren’t that lightweight to carry without the knowledge and tools. You make one wrong move, and you could get injured.

If you want to keep the objects undamaged to move or donate them, moving them yourself may subject them to damage. So, if you want to reduce all risks, hire our removalist team.


If you get a skip bin and remove rubbish yourself, your whole day, even week, will stop until you finish that job. The physical labour will cost more than you probably expect, as well.

However, when you hire us, we’ll come, collect everything that you don’t want, load your rubbish in our trucks, and take it out of your sight without any effort from your end.


Your time is precious, and that’s why we take our schedules very seriously. If you’re looking for same-day rubbish removal, make sure to call us, and we’ll take away the rubbish before you can even notice it.


Among all the junk removal companies, we provide the best service at an affordable price because we work hard and smart.

Free Quote

If you’re not sure whether you can afford our prices or not, don’t fret. We offer a free quote to all customers where one of our specialists will conduct an on-site estimate and inform you of the price before you make any commitments.

Our Office Rubbish Removal Services

So, you know that we do office junk removal, but what exactly do we do? Read the following to know the kinds of services that our team at Tip It Rubbish Removal provides.

1. Office Furniture

Office furniture is definitely exhausting to remove yourself. In fact, it can be even dangerous. So, instead of attempting to carry your own old chairs, lounges, desks, bookcases, cubicles, office equipment, and waiting room decorations, hire us for office furniture removal.

A rubbish removal service team like ours knows the safest, most efficient techniques to carry large objects from one location to another. So, save yourself and your employees the trouble by hiring our waste removal business.

2. Stationery

Office stationery and supplies are small items that your business probably has a load of, so their footprint ends up being not so small anymore.

If you’re moving offices, items like staplers, pens, binders, paper, files, clipboards, filing cabinets, and calculators can be a hassle to find a place for. So, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to hire our rubbish collection service to dispose of all the office junk that you don’t have a place for, no matter how seemingly small.

3. Office Kitchen Supplies

The office kitchen and dining halls probably have many memories that we cherish, but what they also have is a whole load of rubbish that needs removal.

That old coffee machine that no longer works needs a resting place. The overworked water dispenser isn’t going to get rid of itself either. The smelly old microwave will only keep getting smellier if you don’t do something about it. The unwanted stove needs professionals to remove.

If you’re moving offices, you’ll need help with moving or disposing of the cutlery, dishes, and mugs. In short, we can help you with all kinds of office kitchen rubbish removals that you can think of.

4. E-Waste

One of the biggest forms of office waste is e-waste and office machinery. Old laptops, computers, headsets, security cameras, faxes, printers, phones, projectors, shredders, and photocopiers go from keeping an office running to becoming a breeding ground of dust and rust. Electronics and machinery also take up more office space after couches and lounges.

You probably have too many parts, such as adaptors, wires, cords, and keyboards, that you have no use for and don’t even remember what device you used them with.

The problem with e-waste is that people usually dispose of it irresponsibly because they’re unaware of the hazardous materials inside, including lead, mercury, and cadmium. These materials shouldn’t be thrown in rubbish bins because they end up in landfills where they leak toxic chemicals that severely harm the environment.

So, it’s crucial that you hire waste disposal experts that are trained to prevent this from happening. Our experienced team at Tip It Rubbish Removal ensures proper rubbish collection and disposal through the right channels. Whatever device or electronic part your Sydney business needs to get rid of, leave it to us.

5. Green Waste

Whenever office waste comes into people’s minds, they think about old printers and tired couches. People barely register how much waste an office garden produces and how to benefit from it. Instead of throwing your garden waste in the rubbish bin, you can call us to dispose of it in an eco-friendly way.

We take away weeds, grass clippings, wood, pallets, tree branches, trimmings, old stumps, twigs, leaves, and flowers before they end up rotting in landfills when they could be of use somewhere else.

Those unwanted indoor plants that are left in the corner collecting dust? We can get rid of them for you in an environmentally friendly way.

How Much Do Office Rubbish Removal Services Cost?

One of the most common questions that we get is how much our office rubbish removal Sydney-wide services cost. However, there’s no one-price-for-all here, as it wouldn’t be fair.

There are many factors that affect the pricing from one office rubbish removal service to another, such as the volume of the rubbish, its weight, the ease of access to the said rubbish, whether there will be a removal of hazardous objects or materials, and the number of workers needed to do the job.

Yet, no matter how big or small the job you have for us, we’ll get the job done. Generally speaking, Tip It Rubbish Removal jobs are priced as follows:

  • Small waste removal jobs start from around $189
  • Medium jobs start from $349
  • Larger jobs start from $649

Thanks to our upfront pricing, there won’t be hidden costs, tricks, or traps. So, if you’re not sure whether your job is big or small, just call us and book your free quote so that you’ll be informed about the overall price before you agree to anything.

Book Us Now!

At this point, you should have a good idea about the office rubbish removal services that Sydney offices and businesses can enjoy from Tip It Rubbish Removal. We provide rubbish removal Sydney-wide, and we’re available 24/7 to ensure you get quality service whenever you need it.

So, give us a call to get rid of office furniture, office equipment, office junk, e-waste, office garden waste, and more.

If our services sound good to you and your business, call us at (02) 8999 5060 and book your free quote, and our team will get in touch with you for same-day rubbish removal.



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