With prolonged use, mattresses tend to sag and lose their shape, developing lumps and dips in the process. This, in turn, compromises your comfort, influences muscle stiffness, and reduces the overall quality of your sleep. Not to mention that mattresses collect dust mites, debris, and spills over time.

It is advised that you replace your mattress every 5-10 years, depending on the quality and type of the mattress. Problem is, that mattresses are quite sizable and heavy, which makes replacing them an arduous feat; one that we tend to put off longer than we should.

If you are a Sydney resident and you are having a hard time removing and disposing of an old mangy mattress, we can certainly help. After all, disposing of flotsam and jetsam is what we do best.

Book Us for No-Fuss Mattress Removal

Why strain your back and risk getting injured when you can simply book a mattress removal with us? At Tip It Rubbish Removal, client convenience is our number one priority. We aim to provide fuss-free mattress/bed removal and disposal at an unbeatable price.

No matter the size and weight of your mattress, our team of highly experienced mattress recycling professionals will take care of everything within a matter of minutes.

Our day-to-day rubbish removal services, including mattress and bed removal, are available 24/7 for your convenience. Whether you book us in the early morning, late afternoon, or the dead of night, we will be there in no time to deal with your old mattress.

Worried about the cost? Worry not; our day-to-day rubbish removal and mattress recycling prices are second to none, and we offer on-site quotes so that there are no surprises.

Worried about the environment? Worry not; we operate within EPA-compliant facilities and rely upon specialised management systems to dispose of different types of materials, rubbish, and waste in the most environmentally conscious manner. We care about preserving the environment just as much as you do.

Get in touch with us today for a free on-site estimate so that we can help improve the quality of your sleep. We are, with complete confidence, the most reliable Sydney mattress recyclers.

We Work Around Your Busy Schedule

Our Sydney mattress removal service is all about your convenience. We know how busy your week can be, which is why we are very flexible about working around your schedule.

Without delay, we arrive on the agreed-upon time to pick up your old mattress, load it into our truck, and dispose of it in the safest, most efficient manner. As Sydney’s best rubbish removal company, we take pride in our swiftness and effectiveness.

After removing and loading your old bit of bedding into our truck, our Sydney mattress recyclers will clean up thoroughly after themselves so that your bedroom is sparkling and ready for its new mattress.

We leave no traces of dirt, dust mites, or any sort of mess or waste behind so that your new mattress does not end up a breeding ground for contaminants that can be a threat to your health and well-being. The cleanliness of your home is one of our top priorities.

Why You Should Remove Your Old Mattress

Disposing of your old mattress and replacing it with a new one is extremely important, yet most of us tend to overlook its importance. Below are some of the reasons why you should dispose of your time-worn mattress.

Better Sleeping Experience

High-quality sleep is vital to your immune system and overall health. Without a good night’s sleep, we are groggy, tired, and unable to get through our daily tasks efficiently.

Mattresses tend to lose their shape and firmness over time due to worn out fibre, foam, and springs. Such mattresses are very uncomfortable to sleep on because of the dips and lumps they develop as time goes by.

These dips and lumps can cause spinal misalignment and can put too much pressure on certain parts of the body, resulting in you waking up sore and aching.

Granted, buying a new mattress is not cheap, but would you rather spend your money getting your sore and aching body checked by physicians? Probably not.

Investing in a new mattress will help you get the restful sleep you need to tackle your daily challenges. It will also help keep your body in pristine condition.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

After having replaced your mattress, it is best to dispose of it rather than letting it sit somewhere in your home’s storage space.

When mattresses are not used, they start collecting considerable amounts of dust and dirt, which can be harmful to you and your family, especially if one of you has asthma or allergy. What’s more, a stored mattress is most likely going to be a breeding ground for contaminants.

Further, letting your old mattress sit in your storage area or garage is an accident waiting to happen. It can trip or topple over a member of your household, resulting in a serious injury. Yes, mattresses are made of fibre and foam, but they are super heavy.

Avoid Asthma and Allergies

Old mattresses tend to absorb and accumulate biological agents that can worsen a case of asthma or allergy. Not only that, but they can degrade the quality of the air you breathe.

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, and so it should not come as a surprise that our bedding bits collect dirt, sweat, and bed bugs.

Vacuuming and deodorising a mattress can help eliminate some of the above-mentioned biological agents, but it will not get rid of all of them. So, it is best to replace your mattress every 5-10 years.

Time for a Mattress Removal?

At Tip It Rubbish Removal, we are dedicated to providing the best rubbish removal service in Sydney. If you are trying to get rid of an old and bulky mattress, call us today to book a mattress removal.



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