Household Rubbish Removal

Leaving your rubbish, junk, and waste to pile up outside your house until the following council cleanup is never a good idea. Not only is it displeasing to look at, but it’s also very unhygienic, and that’s never the environment you want your kids and family living in.

For that reason, an affordable, stress-free, and time-efficient waste disposal solution is invaluable. At Tip It Rubbish Removal, we’re placing our labour and expertise at your disposal with our same-day rubbish removal services.

What makes Tip It Rubbish Removal stand out among other rubbish removal companies is our stellar reputation for providing a trusted, reliable, and convenient service. That’s in addition to our adherence to the best practice procedures and guidelines across Sydney.

But, without further ado, let us walk you through the residential rubbish removal Sydney service that our waste removal specialists can offer.

About Tip It Rubbish Removal: A Junk Removal Company

At Tip It Rubbish Removal, we’re a company that executes various Sydney rubbish disposal services. We carry out residential rubbish collection where we dispose of all household wastes, but we also do way more than that. Our services extend to garden waste removal with a super eco-friendly approach anywhere in Sydney NSW 2000.

Also, we remove deceased estate for cleanups and total cleanouts. Furthermore, we can rid you of furniture, whether it’s home or office furniture. In fact, we can help you clean out the entire office or remove huge items, such as appliances, mattresses, beds, and even carpets.

This is especially helpful with big heavy ones because we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Last but not least, we can handle construction site rubbish removal and post demolition cleanups.

Our junk removal team is equipped with four decades of experience to top it off, and our collection service has been up and running for 12 years now. Not to mention, we dispose of your rubbish in the most ethical and responsible way possible while ensuring our service is of top-notch quality.

How to Get Rid of Junk

For starters, you have to go through every room, separating your junk into two piles: one is for the items you want to donate, and the other is for the rubbish you want to throw away. Our friendly team will take the rubbish if you load it into bags or boxes and contact us or if you opt for our skip bin hire option.

Why You Should Hire Tip It Rubbish Removal Company

Here are just a few ways our services can prove helpful:

Council Rubbish Removal

If you think there isn’t an actual need for professional rubbish removal services, think again. Way too many councils expect you to get by with small bins, which may only be emptied once every two weeks. Thus, this council curbside bin collection merely isn’t sufficient, especially if you have a big family.

Plus, maybe you haven’t even scheduled a bulk pickup through your local trash company, in which case you can get fined for piling household junk at the curb.

Needless to say, you wouldn’t want to start a garbage pile, as that can quickly escalate. Instead, Tip It Rubbish Removal promises to load your waste into our trucks and Mobile Skip Bins, so you wouldn’t have to worry about space (or the lack of it).

And in all honesty, a high-quality residential rubbish collection service in Sydney is needed more than it is in most areas, and we’re about to tell you why.


Another reason a rubbish removal Sydney service might come in handy is if you’re spring cleaning. If you have a big house, this time of the year indeed calls for a spring-clean. Throughout winter, you’ve probably kept the doors and windows shut to stay warm, thus allowing dust and even mould to accumulate.

Nearing summer with its long and sunny days, you have a better chance of cleaning up and airing the house. And now, as you’re deep cleaning and de-cluttering, you might find a pile of rubbish growing bigger and bigger, which we can load into our trucks, leaving you to enjoy the pleasure of a clean house.


Needless to say, if you’re leasing, it helps to have as little stuff as possible because, at the end of the lease, you might have to move out. And even if you aren’t approaching the end of lease, we believe everyone can benefit from de-cluttering every once in a while.

You’d be surprised by how much rubbish you have if you sort through every room, drawer, and closet. You can separate whatever it is that you have no use for and count on our team to pick it up.

Residential Rubbish Removal in Sydney

We offer pretty versatile same-day services in Sydney, and we’re about to showcase our services.

Rubbish Removal

When we speak of junk removal, we mean a service provided by a rubbish removal company that assists in removing all sort of rubbish from home settings, office spaces, and more. You can call us, and we’ll come to collect your waste on the same day or the day you schedule for our team anywhere in Sydney, New South Wales.

Now, our experts conduct garden waste removal, commercial rubbish removal, office cleanouts, construction rubbish removal, and more, but here, we’re highlighting our residential rubbish removal service in Sydney. Residential rubbish is very versatile and can include many types.

You may be wondering whether our service is a good fit for you, so let us put your mind to ease. No matter how big or small your rubbish pile is, our team can take care of it, assessing its removal cost with our free quote.

We can pick up single items, clean up garden waste or garden rubbish, and do full office cleanouts, estate cleanouts, and commercial rubbish removal. If you rented out your place, and your renters abandoned it, leaving behind a lot of rubbish, our rubbish removal services can deal with it.

Our rubbish removal team can pick up all types of household waste, whether you want to get rid of some household items or just want your domestic rubbish gone. Give us a call, and our junk removal company can get the job done on the same day.

Rubbish Removal Methods

Generally, there are two methods of junk removal.

Firstly, truck hauling is a service where we provide a large truck with a dumpster at the back, and our friendly team hauls your rubbish in it before driving off.

Secondly, you can choose our dumpster rental service, otherwise known as Mobile Skip Bins. We’ll get into details about this service later on, but this is the gist of it: we drop off the dumpster or bin in the size you prefer, which you can fill with your rubbish. Afterwards, you can call us to come to collect the skip.

How to Choose the Suitable Rubbish Removal Method

If you’re unsure which method is a better fit for you, we’d say it depends on your specific circumstances. You can opt for Mobile Skips if your cleanup job, clear-out job, or landscaping project is a multiple-day task. You can keep the bin for the project’s time span instead of being rushed to finish the rubbish removal in a day.

As for truck hauling, this is the best for bulky and heavy items, such as construction junk and tree stumps.

Rubbish Pickup

More often than not, people don’t have trucks and cars big enough to load the bulky items that they want removed into, such as couches, mattresses, and more.

As part of our services, we provide dump trucks, roll-off trucks, and transfer trailers to load your wastes because what good is a waste clean up service if you’re going to have a bin lying around your home?

We utilize the newest technologies in custom-built trucks and professional removal equipment, making the rubbish removal process fast and efficient. They also enable us to access rubbish in tight streets, inner-city corners, industrial warehouses, high-rises, and more.

Not to mention, the appeal of our pickup service lies in its timeliness. In other words, you’re always one call away from a clean and empty space with our same-day service.

Mobile Skip Bins

Mobile Skip Bins are a fast, efficient, and same-day solution to your waste issue. The three-step process is very straight-forward. Firstly, you book a Mobile Skip, which we’re sure to deliver on the same day to your location.

Secondly, you use the Skip Bin to load your rubbish. Undoubtedly, there’s the question of what types of rubbish you can load into a bin, so here’s a quick rundown. Mobile Skips can be loaded with green waste, office waste, and light building waste.

Mobile Skip Bins Can Take:

  • Plastic
  • Timber Cuttings
  • Metal cut-offs or scrap metal
  • Paper
  • Cartons
  • Old furniture
  • Clothing
  • Garden rubbish
  • Branches
  • Trimmings
  • Glass clippings
  • Artwork
  • Mirrors
  • Wall sconces
  • Chandeliers
  • Area rugs
  • Ironing boards
  • Cookware
  • Bagged and boxed storage items
  • Electrical goods, including a washing machine, kitchen appliances, laptops, desktop computers, microwaves, toaster ovens, fans, heaters, floor and table lamps, coffee makers, and small electronics

If you’re unsure whether a particular waste is fit for the skip bin, just contact us, and our rubbish removal team will give you the details. When it comes to reactive, corrosive, combustible, and toxic materials, you’d have to review the laws in your specific location to learn their proper method of disposal.

Additionally, you can’t load heavy construction items and large tree stumps into these Skip Bins, but then again, this shouldn’t be a concern because you’re looking to get rid of rubbish at your home. After you load your skip bin, call us, and we’ll collect it promptly.

Recycling Services

It’s no secret that garbage dumping is taking its toll on our environment and contributing to its pollution. Therefore, this is probably the most crucial step in the waste disposal process.

Aside from our efforts to keep the streets clean and clear of illegal dumping, we’re also working to reduce our area’s carbon footprint and provide a clean and sustainable environment for future generations.

Our experts direct a vast collection of items, such as glass, paper, plastic, scrap metal, cardboard, and more, to the designated recycling facilities in our efforts to find environmentally-friendly methods of rubbish removal. Thankfully, recycling centres are constantly developing more advanced technologies.

A prominent example of that is electronic waste (e-waste), which refers to computers, phones, and other electronic devices and parts thrown away. Australia generates over 140,000 tons of e-waste per year, ending up in landfills and containing toxic, hazardous materials (lead, mercury, and arsenic).

Consequently, one of the best things you can do for the environment is to recycle them. Thanks to Tip It Rubbish Removal’s recycling experience, our team can load e-waste and transport it to accredited e-waste recycling sites.

For that to happen, our professionals sort through your rubbish, separating recyclable materials from the rest so that as much rubbish as possible is recycled. For instance, concrete and steel, among other materials, are highly recyclable, so they’re separated from different materials.

We direct many items to be recycled, such as computer equipment, TVs, projectors, scanners, laminators, printers, modems, mobile phones, docking stations, telephone systems, monitors, keyboards, CDs, DVDs, electronic games, tapes, and cameras.

Moreover, some may contain reusable precious metals, including copper and platinum. These metals are then stripped and reused to make new commodities, resurfacing again in the market.

As for unwanted items, some may be in pretty good condition. If that’s the case, we’d recommend attempting to sell them or, even better, donate them via a platform, such as Gumtree.

As a last resort, we work with suitable landfill operators. Therefore, you can rest assured that your wastes aren’t all going to end up dumped in your local landfill.

Why Choose Tip It Rubbish Removal Service?

So far, we’ve established how invaluable rubbish removal can be, but this is what makes our team the best rubbish removal team:

Incomparable Prices

If you want to count on someone to get the job done without breaking the bank, Tip It Rubbish Removal is the best rubbish removal company in that regard. We always put your needs before anything else, keeping our services at a reasonable and affordable price.

Our pricing system is unmatched by other rubbish removal services. To demonstrate, small jobs start at $189. As for medium jobs, they can be as inexpensive as $349, and large jobs start at $649. And since you’re looking for only home rubbish removal, you’re likely to fall in the first two categories!

The best part is there are no hidden charges or fees, as we operate by a complete honesty policy. In other words, you’re not being lured in with initial prices just to have the total cost with added fees be a complete shock.

Free Quote

Speaking of shocks, we recommend that you get a free quote if you want to avoid one, as the exact prices are only determined after an on-site quote is delivered. We don’t claim to offer set prices or give fixed estimates in a phone consultation.

The reason for that is the numerous factors that play into our prices, including the material of the rubbish, the number of items, their weight, your location, how accessible it is, how challenging the removal process is (due to climbing flights of stairs and more), and the method of removal.

Of course, the most prominent factor is the volume of the rubbish. In other words, the more space your rubbish takes up in a truck, the higher the price is.

At Tip It Rubbish Removal, we offer a waste collection free quote, which may be estimated on a per cubic metre rate. Your free quote will vary according to the factors we’ve just mentioned.

It’s also worth mentioning that your rubbish doesn’t need to be boxed up for you to receive a free quote. We can run an on-site quote without boxes and give you an upfront price. What that means is that our team runs an on-site estimate for upfront pricing and names the exact cost of their Sydney rubbish removal service so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

We also pride ourselves in offering obligation-free services. Therefore, you can decide that you no longer require our services or that they’re more than you’re able to pay if we’re already at your house. However, if you do accept the quote, we’ll pick up your rubbish in our trucks and conduct our waste collection service as expected.

12 Years of Experience

If you’re looking for the best, most established same-day rubbish removal service, Tip it Rubbish Removal is what you’re looking for. Thanks to 12 years of experience, our professionals know the waste management industry’s ins and outs. And we’re fully insured, so you’d be making a credible choice for rubbish collection.

On top of our 12 years of experience, our friendly rubbish removal team is known for receiving accolades and welcoming your recommendations, which is expected when you consider their expertise and service extending over four decades in rubbish removal in Sydney.

24/7 Same Day Service

There’s nothing more off-putting than the smell of a week-old garbage bag hovering over your home, which is why timing is everything when it comes to rubbish removal services. Compared to other rubbish services, ours is the best for its prices and its availability 24/7.

At Tip It Rubbish Removal, we provide same-day service 7 days a week in Sydney, so just give us a call. And if you need a professional same-day rubbish removal outside of regular hours, our customer service line will still be glad to assist you.

Plus, you can book an appointment for a future date or the same day. Our priority is to be there when needed. And we understand how valuable your time is, so if you’d like your garbage removed when you’re not present, you can mark what you’d like removed, and we’ll put our team on it.

Also, we’d like to note that same day service also entails that the pickup is on the same day, so our team won’t simply conduct an on-site estimate and schedule a different date for the rubbish removal. Instead, our team has hauliers who load your rubbish into our trucks so that it’s disposed of immediately.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One of the aspects that grant our clients the most comfort is our %100 customer service satisfaction, meaning that we only call a job done when you say it is. Our experts conduct their removal service with optimal quality, ensuring that you’re fully content with the service you’re receiving.

Inclusive Service

Our rubbish removal Sydney service includes all of Sydney, New South Wales. We’ll pick up your rubbish if you’re in the Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Northern Beaches, CBD, and any other location across Sydney.

Make a Booking!

If you’d like to book our services or request a quote, contact us today through our website by filling in a form here, call us on 0401 222 155, or email us. Our email address is In all cases, our team is available to answer all your inquiries 24/7.


FAQs About Household Rubbish Removal

It depends on the furniture’s condition. If it’s too torn up or worn out, we can get rid of it for you. If it’s in relatively good shape, you can donate it to charity, and there are plenty of charitable organizations that take used goods.

Also, Freecycle is a viable option. This online reuse organization enables users to post unwanted items for other people to collect and request wanted ones as well.

You have a variety of options as long as the couch is in good condition. Your choices include charity stores, antique stores, second-hand furniture shops, and even online forms. However, if your sofa is worn out, your council’s hard waste collection can be a solution, or you can contact us to rid you of it.

According to the National Waste Report in 2018, a total of five million tonnes of metal wastes were directed to recycling in Australia in the years 2016 and 2017. Accordingly, the recovery rate is estimated to be %90.

Yes, it’s illegal to place that rubbish in public bins, which is why a rubbish removal company can help.

The cost of removing a sofa or couch can range from $75 to $160.



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