In the 21st century, cardboard is part of our everyday life that we can’t go back from. Its convenience, affordability, and eco-friendly nature helped it find its way into everything you can think of.

If you’ve recently moved or gone on massive online shopping sprees, especially when staying at home, you probably have a lot of cardboard boxes just lying around sadly after they served their main purpose.

The recent increase in cardboard consumption created a serious personal waste management problem that was previously limited to businesses and retail stores. Now, almost every household and business in Australia has more cartons than it can handle.

While you can dispose of a box or two yourself, large amounts of cardboard need a dedicated rubbish removal service like ours. So, if you have enough boxes to attract all the cats in the world, read more to know how our expert cardboard collection services can help you.

Benefits of Hiring Tip It Rubbish Removal

We’re not the only provider of cardboard removal services provider in Sydney, but we’re the best. Here is how we stand out in the waste management industry and why you should consider us for getting these cartons off your back.


Tip It Rubbish Removal is a waste management business that helps residents and businesses get rid of all kinds of waste as efficiently and responsibly as possible. We pride ourselves on years of experience that helped our removalist team be more and more efficient and punctual at the job.

Thanks to our happy clients and years of hard work and research, we’ve become industry wizards. No amount of cardboard is too big for us to remove or piles of paper so high to pick up.


Many people want their waste paper and cardboard removed but don’t have a waste collection service nearby. So, the problem gets worse and worse, and they end up with more cardboard than furniture.

Thanks to our rubbish removal services, you won’t have to deal with that anymore. Wherever you are in Sydney, NSW, rest assured that we can take your waste paper and cardboard.

Our coverage stretches from the CBD to Northern Beaches, Eastern and Western Suburbs, to the Sutherland Shire, and wherever you are in the middle.


Technically, anyone can dispose of cardboard boxes and waste paper. However, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort that isn’t worth it when you can get a pretty convenient solution for all of this clutter.

Our team works fast and smart to get big jobs done in as little time as possible while still providing a high-quality service. No matter how many cardboard boxes you have, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Affordability and Free Quote

One of the reasons why most people are reluctant to hire cardboard disposal services at first is money. It sounds cheaper to do your own rubbish removal than to hire someone to do it, doesn’t it?

However, with our rubbish removal services, it’s much more affordable than you think. We do everything to ensure that the price fits the job.

Plus, you’re entitled to a free quote where an expert conducts an on-site assessment to tell you exactly how much the job will cost before you agree to anything and guide you through the process. With affordable prices and free quotes, what’s not to love?

How Do You Dispose of Cardboard Boxes in Sydney?

There are many methods of cardboard disposal, so you can pick whatever is most suitable for you. Let’s give you an idea about them!


While cardboard is pretty handy and convenient, there is an abundance of cardboard waste in every house and office. Thankfully, cardboard is one of the most environment-friendly packaging materials, at least when disposed of correctly. So, paper and cardboard recycling is on the rise.

Before you take your cardboard to the nearest recycling centre, remember to flatten it as much as you can to save space for more. Don’t forget to remove all tapes and labels, as well.

Cardboard and paper recycling is a great idea for cardboard boxes that have been used and reused enough to be thrown away by the average consumer.

However, choosing to recycle cardboard instead of throwing it away is always the better choice for the environment. Our company cares about the planet, and we recommend you do the same by using our recycling service.


Believe it or not, you can make some money from these cardboard boxes. There are always people moving and stores restocking, so cardboard is actually pretty valuable. The constant need for the material in Australia makes for an amazing opportunity to get cash.

There are tons of websites where you can put the cardboard up for sale. In fact, there are some websites that are specifically made for selling used boxes. Remember that the sturdier the ones you have are, the more money you’ll get out of selling them.


There is always someone that needs your cardboard more than you do. Maybe it’s a friend that’s moving out, a new co-worker who’s setting up their office space, or a nearby charity centre.

Either way, you can always ask around and find someone who can take these boxes, as long as they’re in good shape, to use. Social media groups are a great place to find someone in your area looking for cardboard boxes on a regular basis.



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Suburbs We Serve

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