If you have thought about dumping your garbage in somebody else’s rubbish bin, then you’re not alone.

At some point or the other, a majority of people may have faced the same dilemma, and some might have even snuck their rubbish in someone else’s skip bin. With that, the question of this habit being legal is bound to arise; after all, nobody would want to get into trouble over some rubbish.

If you’ve been pondering the same question, then this guide is for you!

Is It Illegal To Throw Junk Into Someone Else’s Skip Bin?

Commonly referred to as fly-tipping, dumping your junk into someone else’s bin is an illegal activity. In fact, most local councils have dedicated systems and procedures to report it and may charge you a few hundred dollars fine if you’re caught.

In case of illegal dumping in your skip, you’ll be accountable for putting stuff into the bin. That’s because you signed up with the skip hire company. Unless you can link the dumped rubbish with the original owner, you’ll have to take charge if something unacceptable is found in the skip. For proving someone guilty, it’s important to catch them red-handed or have some hard evidence like security footage.

Are you wondering how you can report if illegal dumping occurs? Though you can report through online portals or messaging, it’s best to consult your local council or skip hire company to know how to go about it.

How To Deal With Overflowing Skip Bins?

Skip bins, if kept in a common or open area, are bound to overflow with garden waste, egg cartons, and plastic bags that are not only yours but the illegal dumpers’ too. And even if you leave it half full at night, it might overflow with someone else’s rubbish the next morning.

So, here’s how you can deal with an overstuffed skip bin:

1. Waste Management And Minimising Your Rubbish

Though what others put into the skip can’t be controlled, you can try and cut back the waste generated in your household. This way, you won’t have to deal with overflowing rubbish bins and may not even need to hire a skip.

2. Segregate The Waste

Another smart way to deal with waste is by sorting it into proper rubbish bins. When it is segregated into dry, wet and recyclable trash cans, your skip won’t be unnecessarily bombarded. It is also good for the environment as it will make the recycling procedure much easier.

3. Regular Recycling

Regular recycling is an eco-friendly way of waste disposal and has two benefits:

  • The rubbish won’t end up in landfills
  • Your skip will be emptied routinely and won’t overflow

In fact, even if the bin contains non-recyclable materials, you should ensure that it is emptied by the garbage truck regularly so that the waste doesn’t create havoc.

How To Protect Your Bin From Unwanted Dumping?

If you have a common bin area, then it’s common to have other people dumping their trash in your bin. This won’t leave enough space in the can to accommodate your garbage, which can be really annoying. So, how can you stop this from happening? We have some ways to avoid such situations without getting into an argument with your neighbor.

1. Erect Sign Boards On Your Bin

Most of the time, people assume that you won’t mind them throwing their trash into your can, as it’s just some free space. If they do it, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have anything personal against you or want to purposefully irritate you.

Therefore, the best way out of this situation is to let them know you don’t like others meddling in your skip bin. Hence, putting up a sign saying the bin belongs to you is a practical way to inform them about your preference without actually confronting them.

2. Install CCTV Cameras

If your signboards aren’t respected, then you have two options – first, change the location of your skip bin, or second, confront the responsible person. For the latter, you’ll have to be vigilant of everyone that passes the area, which isn’t practical.

Thus, you can install security cameras near your skip bin to monitor everyone’s activity. This will indeed cost you some money, but if you are really dedicated to saving some trash space, you can go ahead with this plan. Furthermore, you’ll have video evidence to confront the person and an added benefit of safeguarding your home against burglars.

3. Put A Lock On Your Skip Bin

The simplest way out of the situation is installing a lock on your skip bin. That way, nobody will be able to access it other than you. On the downside, it will make it a little tedious for you to throw your own trash, but that’s not a huge price to pay.

What’s Better – Getting A Skip Bin Or Hiring A Rubbish Removal Service?

It’s a common argument because some believe getting a skip bin is more economical while others think rubbish removal services are more efficient and hassle-free. In our opinion, both have their own pros and cons, but hiring professionals for the job is more convenient.

Most importantly, you won’t have to be vigilant of who is dumping their waste in your skip bin. Instead, you can relax and let the experts do all the work.

Final Words

Getting a skip bin in a suburban area is not as easy as it may seem, and looking after it takes even more effort. So, we’d advise you to hire waste removal companies to take care of your residential or commercial garbage.

A number of good companies provide excellent services at budget-friendly prices. And on that note, we’ll call the curtains for the day.

See you next time!