How To Dispose Of A Washer And Dryer Properly

Our modern-day lifestyles are constantly undergoing transformation due to the rapid pace of technology.

Every day, new gadgets and gizmos are being developed to enrich lives. However, before we can get our hands on the newest products on the market, there is always the question of getting rid of the appliances we already have.

Washing machines and dryers are the perfect examples of such products, but how do you dispose of an old washing machine? There are several ways to do so, and we’ve created a list of some of the best ones here.

So, let’s get started!

Best Methods Of Disposing Of An Old Washing Machine

1. Selling It To A Second-Hand Appliance Dealer

An old washing machine may be accepted by a second-hand appliance dealer, who can sell it at a lower cost to those with a small budget. There is no shortage of such dealers in Sydney, and the best part is that they deal in all kinds of home appliances, including microwave ovens, washing machines, clothes and dryers.

However, getting your appliance accepted by such dealers requires it to be in good working condition. Alternatively, several charity organizations accept working appliances such as clothes dryers and washing machines.

2. Council Rubbish Collection

For residents of Sydney, the city offers an excellent collection and recycling service. You can even leave your broken washing machine at the local collection point from where the city council can pick it up. However, before proceeding with this method, check whether the local council accepts old white goods during their pickup days.

Also, when dropping off your washing machine for rubbish removal at the collection service, you will need to make prior arrangements and pay a moderate recycling fee.

3. The Recycling Centre

Another excellent option to dispose of your washing machine is to dump it at the nearby recycling centre. Be careful when opting for this rubbish removal method, as dumping appliances like old air conditioners or washing machines on the street or any random place can attract fines.

You can save money by dumping such e-waste products yourself. When dumping white goods, make sure to remove the doors of your washing machine to ensure safety during recycling. Additionally, hire a roll-off dumpster to transport your old machine to the rubbish removal experts.

4. Electronics Recycling Program

One of the most popular methods of disposing of white goods like washing machines is using an electronics recycling program. Such facilities play a major role in Australia in recycling white goods as they shred such appliances, removing the junk and recovering the useful parts and valuable materials.

Several commercial recyclers also accept white goods like old washing machines, clothes dryers, and air conditioners. They may offer a pickup service, or you may need to drop it off at the recycling centre.

Occasionally, locals dealing in scrap metal can get the rubbish removed by offering free pick up and same-day service for smooth disposal.

5. Donating To Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations such as Freecycle work to better the environment and readily accept appliances such as washing machines. First, you will need to list the old appliance online, and the non-profit will then arrange the pickup service.

Additionally, you do not need to pay a dumping fee, and this option can help save money. In fact, commercial recyclers often run take-back schemes with the cost included in the purchase price as old appliances can often be refurbished for reuse.

Otherwise, toxic substances and hazardous materials like heavy metals or flame retardants must be removed before the washing machine is crushed.

6. Selling It Online

Offering your washing machine for sale online can also be a viable option. With this rubbish removal process, it might take some time before your washing machine is sold. But if you are fortunate, it’s possible to get a free quote the same day you list the product.

This method is best if you plan to dispose of just one or two appliances and several websites allow listing unwanted items for recycling and resale. To ensure that you get a reasonable price for your washing machine, make sure it is in good working condition before listing it online.

7. Employing A Rubbish Removal Service

Employing a rubbish removal service is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of items such as a broken washing machine. Several qualified rubbish removal services in Australia with an experienced team can help you dispose of an old washing machine, old microwave, dryer, or other appliances.

When you contact such a service to remove rubbish, you might need to pay a small fee. They generally offer a day service and can pick up the washing machine within 24 hours.

Final Words

These are some of the best techniques that you can try to get rid of old or broken appliances if you are a resident of Sydney.

Most of these methods provide a convenient way to dispose of your old washing machine, fridge, or dryer. However, which one you select depends upon personal preference and convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

White goods consist of stoves, dryers, air conditioners, or washing machines. While most regular household appliances come under this category, not all appliances are white goods.

Hiring a roll-off dumpster can help you easily transport old appliances and other rubbish for recycling from your house in Sydney to the nearest landfill.

While rubbish removal companies collect useful materials from appliances like your old washing machine or fridge, waste disposal companies are responsible for getting rid of harmful materials safely.