Recycling larger plastic furniture pieces is possible but can seem tricky for homeowners.

Do you have old plastic patio furniture that you would like to throw out? Instead of throwing it away, you can look into ways to recycle the patio furniture, even if it is made of plastic. The thing is, your plastic outdoor furniture pieces might be too bulky to fit into the regular recycling container.

So, you might have to look for other ways to reuse it because throwing a good piece of furniture would be a waste of resources. Wood and metal garden furniture may be easier to deal with because at least you can break the parts and create a new piece of furniture. But with plastic items, you do not have the freedom to cut through the pieces and screw them together.

Ultimately, if the outdoor furniture is still in good condition, they are easily recyclable. But people often throw out their good pieces just because they don’t know what to do with them. So, we’re here to show you how to recycle patio furniture and elaborate on why you should recycle plastic furniture after all.


Is It Possible To Recycle Plastic Patio Furniture?

Yes, you can find plenty of ways to recycle anything if you look for the options. Firstly, waste collecting hauliers might offer to remove patio furniture with a small fee, but not all companies have the facility to pick up large items. This depends on who you decide to call for picking the old furniture because the company should accept individual pieces of outdoor furniture.

We suggest you call up the haulier to discuss their services and the items you need to be removed from the patio. But before contacting them, you’ll need to check the kind of plastic furniture you own so that it’s easier to explain the details on call.


Identifying The Type Of Plastic Furniture

If your old patio furniture is made of recycled HDPE, then you might have to let go of the idea of recycling it. This is because when this type of plastic is processed, it undergoes a structural change making it difficult to recycle any further. Even so, the material might be durable and may require fewer resources as compared to HDPE products.

But the inherent structure of recycled HDPE makes it harder to recycle. Virgin PP plastic, on the other hand, is recyclable. Yet, you may not be able to recycle it through a curbside recycling program. However, this knowledge is only helpful if you can identify the type of plastic you have.

Often you may not find out the plastic type, and in such cases, it is better to avoid recycling the furniture. We suggest this because if you recycle the wrong kind of plastic, it will contaminate the other plastics in the batch, which is an irreversible loss.

One way to check if a patio chair is recyclable is by checking the underside for a triangle sign called Resin Identification Code. Also known as RIC, if the number is five, then it may be acceptable to recycle it. Take some time to research the options available and select something that is the most convenient for you.

In the next section, we’ve introduced a few ways for recycling patio furniture-


How To Recycle Plastic Patio Furniture?

Some companies accept metal furniture and even wooden ones, but not all of them will take recyclable plastics. So, it is possible that you may not find a suitable haulier that is willing to shift your chairs or materials due to their shape or plastic content. In that case, you will need to discover other methods to get rid of old stuff. As such, other recycling options include refreshing, donating, or selling unwanted items.

This is considering the plastic chairs/furniture/stackable patio chairs are in good condition, without any significant damages. Let’s take a look at each option further.


1. Refresh The Furniture

Unless the item is broken, most plastic furniture should be good enough to use even though it may look old. The simple solution for this is to refinish the exterior with spray paint, and the end result should look as good as new.

Try new fun colours to revamp the appearance of the furniture and see how you like it before putting it up for donation or sale. Who knows, you may love the end product so much that you may want to keep it for the patio!


2. Donate The Furniture

Donation centres, thrift stores, or places like Salvation Army collect second-hand goods like patio chairs. Thus, someone who likes it and really needs it can make use of the furniture. In any case, that is a better scenario than tossing it in some landfill where no one can use it.


3. Sell The Patio Furniture

Finally, you can capitalise on your old goods by listing them for sale at a reasonable price. Talk to neighbours or people in your social circle if they are interested. Otherwise, your area should have a local second-hand store that can buy your things. Alternatively, you could simply list them online with pictures and your contact number.


Final Words

In conclusion, plastic furniture can be recycled, and now you know the different options to get rid of it. Also, know that most plastic furniture items like recycled plastic bottles are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which in most cases is recyclable. However, it may not be easy to identify, and you may require professional help.

But fret not because some junk removal companies will be happy to assist you with understanding which plastics were used to make your outdoor furniture. So, do not hesitate to call them for queries related to plastic patio furniture since they can also help with the recycling process.

That’s all for today, folks. See you later!