Regular maintenance and cleaning of your warehouse must be an integral part of the company’s safety practices. 

It has many benefits, including increased productivity, better inventory management, reduced accidents and more. Despite being aware of these advantages, businesses often fail to maintain a clean warehouse, leading to a negative attitude among employees towards the organization.

And many aren’t aware of the standard cleaning practices they must follow. If you’re one of them, read this guide where we’ve included seven quality tips to manage warehouse rubbish effectively. 

With further ado, let’s continue reading!

Tips To Effectively Manage Warehouse Rubbish

Tip #1: Keeping Garbage Cans In The Facility

Wastes from packaging like paper and label backings take up the floor space and may potentially become a walking hazard for your staff. We’d recommend keeping abundant rubbish bins in your facility to deal with this, so they don’t need to move a distance to discard the wastes. In this way, keeping the warehouse clean becomes much easier!

Tip #2: Choosing The Best Packaging Material

In a warehouse, most of the warehouse rubbish results from the use of materials that aren’t suitable for packaging. Using materials that are not of the correct size or type leaves behind a huge amount of waste. So, it’s essential for the staff and the management to properly evaluate the current operational packaging methods and make necessary amendments to minimize wastage.

Tip #3: Provide Adequate Cleaning Equipment

This is another important way to keep your warehouse clean without putting in a lot of effort. Ensure that there are enough cleaning tools available for use in the facility and that they are properly stored after use. 

Allocate a particular corner in the facility to store essential cleaning equipment like mops, brooms, dusting poles and dustpans. And ensure that the area is accessible for everyone!

Tip #4: Assign Employees Specific Areas

You can’t simply delegate the task of cleaning the entire warehouse to a single employee because it will consume time and money. So, it’s important that every employee in the facility keeps the area around them clean. You can establish a rule which requires them to clean the waste after their shift. 

It requires picking up the garbage and disposing of it in bins, mopping the floor or cleaning the equipment. 

But, the only hitch with this is that employees might not care much about the sanity of your workplace as you do. So, to make them waste-conscious, reward and recognize their exemplary eco-friendly efforts in the warehouse. This way, the employees will be driven towards removing the waste and keeping your warehouse clean.

Tip #5: Keep Warehouse Vehicle Or Machinery Clean

If electric pallet jacks or machinery is used in your warehouse to displace packaged products from one area to another, they will be frequently clogged with trash. You might assign the staff using the pallet jack to clean it often and task the supervisor to survey and clean the machines every day before wrapping up.

Tip #6: Garbage Cans Should Be Emptied Before They Overflow

It may seem obvious, but many businesses ignore this. Failure to empty garbage cans frequently results in waste overflowing and a sloppy mess on the floor. A lot of waste is dumped into a garbage bin every day, and therefore, its regular cleaning is also essential. If you have a reasonably big warehouse, you should empty the rubbish bins more often to avoid overflowing. 

Delegating the task to one of your staff would be viable, or you can just hire a professional cleaning service for the job.

Tip #7: Providing Safety Equipment To Employees 

The wastes generated from a warehouse, especially chemicals, might be toxic, and coming in direct contact with them can be detrimental to your employee’s health. So, to ensure that they are working safely, provide them with safety equipment, such as gloves, safety goggles, etc. 

But employees might not be well-versed in dealing with toxic wastes, and delegating responsibilities to them can compromise the health of others. That’s why it’s better to hire an external rubbish removal company to safely get rid of these wastes. 

Importance Of Keeping A Clean Warehouse

A. Increased Productivity

Maintaining an uncluttered and tidy environment in your warehouse makes it easy for employees to find equipment and supplies, directly boosting productivity. Furthermore, when employees believe that the management is devoting time and effort to keep the workplace clean and safe, it provides a sense of pride and motivation to complete tasks meticulously.

B. Higher Accuracy Of Inventory Levels

A well-organized warehouse allows employees to maintain detailed and precise inventory levels, so the company can:

  • Minimize chances of stock overboard
  • Streamline their inventory orders
  • Better manage write-offs
  • Monitor product shelf-life
  • Lowering inventory costs

C. Compliance With Health And Safety Regulations

Being a warehouse owner, you should keep it organized and establish a clean working environment to comply with federal health and safety regulations. Several laws require employers to take the necessary initiatives to ensure the health and well-being of their employees or anyone working in the facility. 

Failing to comply with these regulations might land you in legal disputes, which will cost you both money and time. 

Final Words

So, follow these tips to keep a clean and fresh warehouse!

It’s your responsibility to keep the area where you work clean, so inspect it every day to ensure it is not chaotic. It’s not your job alone, so involve your subordinates and encourage them to contribute towards keeping it clean. 

And if you believe the job is too large or dangerous to handle, contact a local professional rubbish cleaning service to handle it for you. With proper equipment and years of experience, they will do the task efficiently.

Now, it’s time we wrap up. Goodbye and take care!