Office waste is in no way similar to residential waste and needs to be handled differently. 

After all, the nature, composition and accumulation patterns of office junk are quite different and need to be handled with caution. A large part of office junk includes e-waste, which needs special expertise when it comes to disposal. 

If you are cautious about not bringing any harm to the environment, you can even consider recycling parts of the discarded office objects. But before you can do any of that, it is crucial to understand what types of waste are generated in office spaces and how to handle them. And in today’s guide, we are going to tell you all about it!

So, without further delay, let’s check it out!

Types Of Office Junk

1. Discarded Office Furniture

Whether there is old or broken furniture in the office, it needs to be discarded and moved out of the office space unless you want the area to get clogged. Sometimes, these pieces of furniture are not even broken but become outdated and need replacement. 

Be it relocating your office space or simply getting rid of the old furniture, it is no doubt a tedious task that involves moving heavy items around. So, it’s ideally better to leave this job to the professionals

We suggest that you get in touch with a commercial junk removal company, not just because it will reduce your task. They can also help you get it done in an environment-friendly manner. 

All furniture would not be of the same material. Some may be made of wood, whereas others can be of metals, plastic, fabrics and so on. These mixed materials can make it difficult for you to recycle everything at a go. Every material needs to be separated first before it can be sent for recycling. 

2. Electronics No Longer In Use

Due to the advancement in technology, no office devices can be used for long and often calls for an upgrade. And an upgrade usually means that the old devices need to be discarded. However, you simply cannot dump the electronics in a garbage can. 

They often contain hazardous elements and must be carefully discarded or recycled. This will help ensure that there is no harm caused to the environment. If you are wondering how to do that, simply hire a professional who will do it on your behalf. A rubbish removals company would be able to get your discarded electronics recycled or refurbished. 

However, if you plan to do it by yourself, take the discarded electronics to the nearby recycling centre. 

3. Computer Recycling

Are you shifting from your old office space to a new one and have no idea what to do with the old computers that are in the junk room? You need not necessarily dump them at a waste site when moving. Simply opt to recycle or repurpose individual parts of the computers. 

Unless handled well, these discarded computers can contribute to environmental pollution. Now, there are different ways in which you can handle these kinds of trash. But you have to do it cautiously to ensure that there is no harm caused to the environment. 

If you want to salvage parts, make the discarded computers go through a junk removal process. During these processes, the devices go through several stages of recycling and sorting. After the process is over, you will find many working parts that can be put to use by installing them in other malfunctioning computers. 

4. Pallet Removal

In most offices, you will find pallets that are used for handling, support and storage of food. We have noticed that in most cases, these pallets are made of wood. However, in your office, there might be pallets made of metal, paper, steel or other recycled materials as well. 

Once their need is met, they no longer serve a purpose and often cluster your office space. That’s when you need to dispose of them and clear out the space for more important things. You can engage in DIY methods to get rid of them, but let us warn you, it is going to be time-consuming. 

5. Printer Recycling

As we have mentioned earlier, most gadgets need to be changed often as there is a possibility of getting them upgraded. And printers are no different! When a printer starts to malfunction, don’t just get rid of it right away. It consists of many important parts that can be recycled and reused. 

Also, keep in mind that printers often have harmful metals like lead, mercury and other radioactive elements in them. So, if you are planning to get rid of one, do it responsibly to ensure that it causes no harm to the environment. 

You can surely buy new electronics; however, we recommend that you take the components out of the used printers and put them to good use. By recycling the printers, you can extract some precious parts like earth metals and plastic. Once purified, these materials can be reused in other electronics. 

Final Words

With that, we have now reached the end of this guide!

We hope that you had a good time reading it, and now you are better aware of the 5 most common types of office junk that one might have to encounter. Environmental pollution is at an all-time rise, so be responsible when handling these types of waste. 

Do not throw away the untreated junk irresponsibly as that might lead to unwanted pollution. We recommend that you handle it with care and, when possible, recycle the waste. 

That said, handling everything by yourself can be pretty challenging. And if you don’t have the time, it is best to get in touch with a professional junk removal company that can get the work done on your behalf. 

For more fun reads, do keep a watch on this space. Take care!