Getting rid of an old mattress can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether upgrading your sleep setup or simply clearing out space, efficient old mattress removal is essential. Tip It Rubbish Removal Services offers a hassle-free approach to responsibly disposing of your old mattress. Here’s a straightforward guide to making the process as seamless as possible.

Step 1: Decide It’s Time for a Change

Recognising the need for a new mattress is the first step towards improving your sleep quality. Over time, mattresses can lose their support and comfort, impacting your sleep. When you notice signs of wear or you’re not getting quality rest, it’s time to consider removal services for that old mattress.

Step 2: Contact Tip It Rubbish Removal Services

Once you’ve decided to part ways with your old mattress, reaching out to a professional removal service like Tip It Rubbish Removal is your next move. With a focus on eco-friendly disposal and recycling, Tip It ensures that your old mattress removal doesn’t harm the environment. Simply book a pickup time that suits your schedule, and they’ll handle the rest.

Step 3: Prepare Your Mattress for Pickup

To ensure a smooth pickup, prepare your mattress by removing all bedding and ensuring it’s accessible. If you live in an apartment, check with management about the best time for removal to avoid any inconvenience. Tip It Rubbish Removal Services prides itself on efficiency, so a little preparation goes a long way.

Step 4: Consider Recycling or Donation

Before your mattress is removed, consider whether it’s suitable for recycling or donation. Tip It Rubbish Removal Services can advise on the best course of action, aiming to divert as much waste from landfills as possible. If your mattress is in good condition, donation might be an option, giving it a second life to someone in need.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Sleep Setup

With your old mattress gone, you can upgrade your sleep experience. Investing in a new mattress that supports your sleeping habits and preferences is crucial for a good night’s rest. Tip It Rubbish Removal Services makes old mattress removal effortless, allowing you to focus on enjoying your new sleep setup.


Efficient old mattress removal is key to improving sleep quality and maintaining a clutter-free home. Tip It Rubbish Removal Services offers an easy, eco-friendly solution to disposing of your old mattress, ensuring the process is hassle-free. Following these five simple steps, you can say goodbye to your old mattress and hello to improved sleep and comfort.